The Dark Knight Batarang Replica is an Officially Licensed Collector's Item

The Noble Collection pays homage to the Gotham vigilante with its authentic Dark Knight Batarang replica.

News of The Dark Knight Trilogy box set being released on December 4th has had fans buzzing like crazy over the last few weeks and while the release date is still weeks away, Batman fans can always get a taste of their favorite vigilante with the high grade weapon. Measuring at nine inches wide, the Dark Knight Batarang replica is reported to be officially licensed, making this a definite collector's item for Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy fans.

At $69 a piece, the golden Batarang replica makes a great addition to the secret arsenal of weapons for all superhero fans. While it isn't advised that these be brought to the lineups on December 4th, it will be available to satisfy the vigilante urges until then.