Daniel Silverstein Created a Line Solely Out of Upcycled Material

Talented designer Daniel Silverstein has decided to only create collections that are environmentally friendly and that do not waste the fabric that would normally get thrown out.

As he used to be on the show Fashion Star, he knows just how much material gets wasted when creating outfits. Even though a lot of fabric ends up becoming scraps, a shocking statistic reveals that it’s around 10 to 15 percent that ends up being thrown away. Daniel wanted to make a statement and share an eco-friendly way to design clothes. Instead of throwing out pieces that wouldn’t be part of the piece, he took the leftovers and used them to embellish the outfits. For example he added braids and extra designs to incorporate the scraps that make the outfit even better.

Creating clothes that are zero waste can definitely make a difference. If more designers follow suit, the landfills filled with unwanted fabric will immensely shrink.