Dangerous Popsicles by Wei Li are Modeled After Cacti and Viruses

 - Oct 27, 2014
References: boldoritalic & neatorama
If it wasn't getting so cold outside, people might have considered serving these Dangerous Popsicles during their Halloween parties. Inspired by prickly cacti and deadly viruses, the Dangerous Popsicles look equal parts repelling and delicious. It does't help that the bright colors are pretty inviting even though people are taught at a young age that such hues often denote poisonous properties.

Created by artist Wei Li, the Dangerous Popsicles were created with the help of 3D technology. In regards to the purposefully confusing sensory experience, Li says, "Before tasting with your tongue, you first taste with your eyes and mind. The popsicles are nothing but water and sugar, but ideas of deadly viruses and the spikiness of cacti are enough to stimulate your senses, even before your first taste."