The Dandelion Stool by Moissue Also Acts as an Impromptu Storage

 - Aug 28, 2013
References: moissue & design-milk
The Dandelion Stool is not inspired by the cheerful weed when the yellow petals are all intact, but when it takes on the form of a parachute ball, which marks the point when it is white and fluffy. It is this whimsical shape that many people appreciate, especially for its 'wish-granting' capabilities. Injecting a bit of that whimsy into the Dandelion Stool, the design is sweet and simple. Nevertheless, it is also very practical.

Designed by Moissue, the Dandelion Stool is made out of wood. Taking on a soft, spherical form. It can not only support people's weight, the gaps present throughout can also act as an impromptu storage for newspapers and more. The Dandelion Stool is also complemented by the Dandelion coatrack.