Stereographic Drawings by Dain Fagerholm Bring Life to Monster Images

Seattle-based artist Dain Fagerholm brings his images to life in the new Stereographic Drawings set. The images combine two parallel still drawings that vary slightly in angle, producing an effect that appears to incorporate the illustrations within a 3D realm.

This collection of drawings by Dain Fagerholm depicts creatures that come across as oddly charming due to their animated appearance. The Stereographic Drawings not only bring a sense of depth to the images through the multi-angle images, but also reinvigorates the caricatures in a manner that gives them a personality and makes them somewhat comforting to look at.

Inviting and imaginative, Dain Fagerholm’s animations infuse personality and wit into an already delightful set of illustrations. Reminiscent of the inhabitants from 'Where the Wild Things Are,' these drawings take a more lighthearted approach to the depiction of monsters.