Photographer Czlowiek Kamera is a Master of Juxaposition

 - Sep 2, 2012
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Photographer and artist Czlowiek Kamera creates visual juxtapositions through haunting portrait-like captures against scenic backdrops. The subjects depicted break the boundaries between reality and fiction, resulting in a sublime setting that is truly mesmerizing.

Using photo manipulation techniques done in post-production editing, Czlowiek Kamera fuses bodily parts with unorthodox counterparts. Whether it's decapitating a head onto a ring of fire or having limbs jut out from black abysses, the scenes are hauntingly beautiful. Floating figures and unexplainable black holes add to the surreal and sublime quality of Kamera's work.

Czlowiek Kamera, which translates into "Camera Man" primarily works in film, specializing in short visual productions and music videos. This young and talented artist demonstrates his ability to create extraordinary worlds out of ordinary subjects.