'dTOOR' is Teaching Consumers to 3D Print Cyrcle Phones

 - Aug 24, 2016
References: kickstarter & cnet
The Cyrcle Phone is a product from dTOOR, a company run by two former Microsoft employees. Its bare-bones, circular phone is a popular choice for consumers looking for a simple alternative to the smartphones on the market. To show off the open-source magic of the Cyrcle Phone, dTOOR is offering phone-building classes in which participants can leave with their own functional device.

While taking the class will provide consumers with a working Cyrcle Phone (equipped with a GSM SIM card so the phone is ready for texting and calling right away,) the real value comes in the lessons learned. After the class, all a student will need is a 3D printer and a new GSM SIM card to create their own circular phones whenever they so please. The class doesn't only provide a device, but knowledge too.