Chronicle Cyber-Security is Looking to Protect Large Companies

 - Jan 25, 2018
References: theverge & engadget
Cyber-security company Chronicle is the newest company part of the Google family. Owned and started by Google's parent company Alphabet, Chronicle focuses its efforts on helping companies find, track and stop cyber attacks. Split into two main services -- a cyber-security and analytics platform and a malware intelligence service -- Chronicle is utilizing the massive processing power and data storage capabilities offered to it by Alphabet to maintain security for clients. This new venture is not an entirely new concept, but with the capabilities available to Chronicle it is poised to become one of the greatest cyber-security companies in existence.

At this point, cyber-security company Chronicle has no intention of making itself available for civilian use and instead chooses to focus on larger scale companies. The software aims to be the best in security-related issues within large enterprises and claims to detect threats faster and on a broader scale when compared to its other competitors. Chronicle seems to be fitting a unique marketplace as a few Fortune 500 companies are already testing its software and Chronicle hopes to greatly impact this industry.