The CyberPower Trinity Has a Triple-Blade Design

 - Apr 24, 2015
References: cyberpowerpc & gizmag
The CyberPower Trinity is one of the most unusual looking gaming computers you'll ever see. It looks more like the computer belonging to a villain in a sci-fi movie that something occupying the basement of a geek's residence. This computer features three 'blades', with the processor, graphics card and storage components placed in seperate parts of the enclosure.

The CyberPower Trinity's design isn't just about aesthetic gimmickry but actually allows for excellent performance. The first blade is fitted with a mini ITX motherboard that allows compatibility with both Intel and AMD processors and room for up to 16 GB of RAM. The second blade has room for two hybrid hard drives and three solid state drives.

With gamers always on the look-out for new technology to give them an edge, this sharp, high-performance and revolutionary gaming computer is sure to be in high demand.