These CVS Face Masks are Labeled with Images of Avocados and Cucumbers

 - Aug 6, 2015
References: & packageinspiration
CVS Pharmacy enlisted the help of Dragon Rouge for the packaging and label design of its new line of CVS face masks. The line is now adorned with large vegetable graphics that promote the wholesome and organic ingredients used in each bottle.

The packaging design also incorporates soft color schemes that are paired with bolder accents. For example, the cucumber facial mask bottle is a pleasant light green color with its name written across it in large, dark green font. There are two slices of cucumber sitting at the top of the label and a single slice near the bottom.

While not all of the of line's skincare products are made using vegetables, they all feature a consistent brand identity. An example of another product is CVS Pharmacy's deep sea mineral mask that is labeled with long pieces of seaweed. Each package creates a cohesive brand image for the CVS face masks range and is earthy in its overall feel.