Replace 'Ding Dong' With 'Kanye West' Using iChime

 - Jun 17, 2008
References: ichime & uncrate
Innovation in door chimes; it's about time. California based Microsystems Development, Inc. has designed the iChime, a door chime that the company calls, “the play anything doorbell”, and that's exactly what it does.

The iChime comes with 50 pre-recorded sounds including scary Halloween screams and spooky music, a vicious barking dog, a quacking duck, police sirens, and holiday music, along with many traditional chimes. Here's where the real fun starts though; you can download any other sounds that you desire to the iChime, using either the built-in microphone, your MP3 player, CD or PC. As the company says, “the possibilities are endless”; your favourite tune or TV theme song, your car engine revving, your uncle snoring, the cat meowing, a beer can opening, the toilet flushing: You can have a different chime play each week and for every special occasion.

The unit, currently only available in white, sells for about $90.00. Installation is simple and auxiliary speakers are available.