- Feb 1, 2008
References: mymuesli
Just as famous as Germany is for Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, it's well known for Muesli.

Muesli (aka Müsli and Mueslix) is a mix of cereals comprised of a combination of grains, nuts and dried fruit. lets you customize your own mix of organic cereals online, choosing from a selection of about 75 ingredients. That makes for about 566 billion different combinations, all organic and free of sugar, preservatives and other additives.

The first step is to select the base from selections like chocolate chip flakes, or healthier alternatives like 5 grain, plain oats and cornflakes. Next, add grains like barley, spelt, flax seeds and quinoa. Then add dried fruit like pineapple, apricots, figs, goji berries, mango and sour cherries. Next choose from nuts ranging from almonds and hazelnuts to more exotic choices like Brazil nuts, hemp seeds and coconut flakes. Last but not least, add some goodies like apple-cinnamon crunchies, white chocolate covered banana chips, milk chocolate raisins and organic gummy bears!

After crafting your mix, you get to personalize it further by giving it a name of your choice.

It's been such a success, the company was awarded German Startup of the year in 2007. The three friends that founded the company are health-conscious and very young; Philipp Kraiss is 27, Hubertus Bessau is 26, and the baby of the crew is Max Wittrock at 25. Cute!

The site design is excellent and the product idea is really fantastic. Unfortunately, they only deliver in Germany and Austria right now, but they can plan on expanding to offer international shipping.