ShirtsMyWay Lets You Choose the Design and Measurements

 - Mar 17, 2009
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You can customize t-shirts and shoes, you can customize suits, so why not customize your own dress shirt?

Women think finding aesthetically appealing clothes that fits and flatters is tricky, but for men, it can be even harder. Fortunately, hopes to solve that problem.

ShirtsMyWay lets you design your own shirt, from buttons to stitching and input your exact measurements; so, whether you have bulging biceps to rival Popeye's, or you've got scrawny arms you'd prefer to keep hidden, you'll get a shirt that's made for you.

The platform lets you design the shirt using a virtual male model, choosing from cut to color to size based on your body measurements. They offer free shipping anywhere in the world which they say they'll have to you within 9 days.

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