The Olhafen Bridge by 'schneider+schumacher' Avoids Straight Lines

Taking curved bridges to the extreme, architect firm schneider+schumacher have created the Olhafen Bridge in Raunheim, Germany. Its constantly curved structure marks it as a bridge with a futuristic appearance, and one that is memorable to all onlookers.

One of the main goals of the design was to keep pedestrians safe from the surrounding oil tanks. To do this, the firm wanted to make the bridge as attractive as possible, encouraging people and cyclists to walk over it instead of succumbing to curiosity about what's close to the bridge. Making the most out of inspiration from curved bridges, schneider+schumacher kept the lines continuously sloping, which made for a more modern design.

Not only did the team meet the correct safety requirements, but they also designed a bridge that could be from 100 years in the future.