The Cuppa-Can Masquerades as a Carbonated Drink While Keeping Your Java Hot

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: thabto
The design of the Cuppa-Can Insulated Mug is utterly delicious, offering the coffee drinker an efficacious compartment for keeping his beverage warm, all the while inspiring a smile. What we have here is a double-walled porcelain vessel that's ideal for maintaining the steamy temperature of your brew, but the object has much added value in its appearance.

The shape of the travel teacup emulates the cylindrical silhouette of the iconic pop can, complete with the slight narrowing at the base and neck. The silicone lid of Thabto's playful thermos is a copy of the top of one as well, featuring an embossed aluminum tab and a bean-shaped hole. It's from here that you can slowly sip your beverage from the Cuppa-Can while perhaps confusing your colleagues about your choice of morning libation.