The Cup Tree Provides a Place to Dry and Store Your Teacups and Your Tumblers

 - Feb 6, 2013
References: siliconezone & likecool
Dish drying racks are rarely suitable as places to arrange just-washed cups. Their wireframe forms accommodate plates quite effectively, but wet glasses don't stack very well and they take up a great deal of space. The Cup Tree has been designed to keep drinking vessels out of the dish rack mix, providing them with a spot to drip dry and even to be stored.

Sold by Silicone Zone, the culinary contraption is made of BPA-free plastic with soft padding to keep from damaging delicate wine glasses and tumblers. The nine pegs are sufficiently long to hold even the deepest of containers, angling upwards to let droplets dribble downwards. The sturdy weighted base of the Cup Tree has a bit of a ridge around it that's intended to collect fallen water so that puddles do not form.