This Infographic Explains Cultural Politeness and Faux-Pas in Kyoto, Japan

 - Sep 4, 2015
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Kyoto is a popular tourist destination in Japan offering dozens of ancient temples, gardens and civilization to explore spurring the creation of this cultural politeness guide by TripAdvisor Japan. The infographic showcases how travellers should behave and act in order to be respectful while visiting the city.

The 'Akimahen of Kyoto' infographic is a handy chart to glance over if you plan on visiting Japan in the near future. Just like every region, Japan has several customs that are meant to be upheld by visitors. This chart uses colorful characters and graphics to explain what those are in a friendly format. The infographic touches on tips such as knowing to taking your shoes off before setting foot on a tatami mat and how the phrase "okini" should be said instead of leaving a tip.