These Cuckoo Clock Designs Support the Upkeep of Milan's Duomos

The towering spires of Milan's duomos are some of the most distinctive elements of the city and as part of the Cucù Duomo project, the distinctive shapes on cathedrals serve as inspiration for cuckoo clock designs.

The designs were created by Luca Trazzi and Beatrice Mosca, and produced by Diamantini & Domeniconi. The clocks are currently being exhibited at the Great Cathedral Museum to raise awareness on the city's Adopt a Spire initiative. People who donate to the project are rewarded with an architecturally-inspired cuckoo clock of their choosing, plus the good feeling of knowing they're helping to upkeep some of Milan's most beautiful structures.

The Cucù Duomo clocks will be on display at Milan's Great Cathedral Museum until April 27th.