Miki Kubota's Crumpled Paper Sculptures are Amazing

 - Oct 31, 2013
References: mikikubota
Miki Kubota takes regular 2D images and replicates and recreates them in her 3D crumpled paper sculptures. These sculptures are created by crumpling 2D prints that are then turned into larger pieces. The main issue is being able to recognize where the original image lies, versus the actual sculpture that is created thereafter.

Kubota has taken images of humans, dolls and animals and has reproduced and magnified them to a larger degree. one of her most interesting pieces is a paper sculptured life-sized vehicle. Kubota says the actual process is difficult for viewers because of the act of surprise and understanding the relationship between the image and the sculpture. Her sculptures vary in size and detail.

You can check out more of Miki Kubota's sculptures on her website or gallery.