This Company Makes Cruelty-Free Coats Out of Sustainable Goose Down

 - Dec 30, 2015
References: antarpenguin & kickstarter
'Antar Penguin' recently launched a new crowdfunding campaign for its cruelty-free coats. Goose down is a warm and functional material that makes great insulation for winter jackets. The problem is that mass-market down is largely plucked from live geese that live in less than ideal conditions.

Antar Penguin wants to offer a more ethical option for consumers who are still interested in goose down products. Antar Penguin produces high-quality jackets that are made from ethically-colected goose down. Instead of live-plucking, the brand relies on down that comes from geese that have been killed for their meat. The down that is collected is also used more effectively than in a regular jacket. This means that the same degree of warmth is achieved with less down.

Although the use of goose down is likely to remain a common practice, Antar Penguin provides a more ethical option in the form of its cruelty-free coats.