Trashsawg is a Scavanger Hunt for Usable Disposed Items

 - Mar 23, 2013
References: trashswag & springwise
Trashsawg is a Toronto-based web platform that lets users locate reusable items left on sidewalks. People who are moving or throwing out items they no longer need are able to file a short report stating that the items they are throwing out accelerate the recycling speed. Item seekers are then able to check for these items’ location and condition from the reports and see a photo of them to decide weather they want to grab it or not.

This tool is practically a dream come true for all artist that seek obscure items for their art projects as well as university students who are continually on the move due to internship placements. For people who are on a budget and need furniture around Toronto, make sure to take a look at this tool before you give in to making purchases.