The DJI MG-1 is an Agriculture Drone Capable of Revolutionizing Farming

 - Dec 1, 2015
References: dji & gizmag
The human population is growing at an exponential rate, which has raised questions about how we will support a food chain that needs a consistently high yield; the DJI MG-1 is a crop-dusting drone that some researchers believe will make a huge impact on the economy.

Crop dusting via traditional airplanes is expensive and slow, which is why the incorporation of crop-dusting drones has been a top priority in recent years. The development of the DJI MG-1 sees it being able to hold ten liters of pesticide and fly for 12-minutes: a direct improvement from other crop-dusting drones currently on the market.

Currently being made available now for pre-order in China, the DJI MG-1 crop-dusting drone is set to be available in South Korea soon.