La Panzanella's New Croccantini Bites Come in a Spicy Olive Flavor

In an effort to cater to millennials' love of bite-sized food and unique flavors, La Panzanella has created a new snack food called Croccantini Bites. Available in unusual varieties such as Spicy Olive, the new crackers are a flavorful snack option.

La Panzanella's new Croccantini Bites are seasoned crackers that are about half the size of the brand's regular crackers. Unlike similar products, the Croccantini Bites come in unusual flavors such as Spicy Olive, Italian Herb and Sundried Tomato Basil. These savory flavors combined with a crunchy texture make the crackers ideal for pairing with cheese, hummus or other dips. The bite-sized crackers also come in a resealable bag so that they can be enjoyed on the go anytime.

With a growing number of millennials seeking out snacks featuring complex and exotic flavors, these savory crackers are likely to be a popular option.