Coalo Valley Farms Wants to Make Cricket Powder a Household Staple

 - May 18, 2015
References: facebook & kickstarter
Coalo Valley Farms wants you to reconsider insect-based foods with its Kickstarter funded campaign to produce protein-rich cricket powder. It is estimated that 2 billion people worldwide are already consuming crickets and the company wants to use its product to bring the rest of the world on board.

Dubbing cricket farming the "way of the future," Coalo Valley Farms believes they have the answer to population growth, natural resource depletion and the global food crisis. Crickets are farmed vertically and require significantly fewer resources, which makes the insects a more sustainable form of farming. Additionally, crickets are a healthy option for consumers because they offer an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients. In fact, crickets contain more grams of protein per serving than beef or chicken.

Although cricket powder may seen like an unorthodox way to pack more protein into your diet, Coalo Valley Farms believes crickets are perfect way to enhance your diet without putting a strain on the environment.