Creo Chocolate's Single-Origin Bar Supports Rainforest Life

 - Apr 18, 2018
References: candyindustry & creochocolate
'The Washu Project' bar from Creo Chocolate is one that directly supports farmers in Ecuador, as well as the rainforest and all of its vibrant inhabitants, many of which are species that are threatened.

The single-origin chocolate bar celebrates beans from northwestern Ecuador's Tesoro Escondido reserve, boasting a flavor that is altogether mellow, floral and fruity. When a consumer purchases the $10 chocolate bar, they are supporting endangered species, rainforest conservation and the livelihood of Tesoro farmers who are dedicated to sustainably managing the high-quality cocoa trees in the region. The name of the bar pays tribute to the Ecuadorian Brown-Headed Spider Monkey, which is better known to locals as the "Washu" and the most threatened species in all of the country.

A desire for high-quality, handmade, ultra-premium chocolate is inspiring consumers to support products that are carefully prepared and tied to sustainable initiatives, even if they are sold at a higher-than-normal price.