The Craftsman Sand Paper Campaign Ensures a Manly Handshake

 - Feb 18, 2012
References: yr & ibelieveinadv
First impressions are everything and they often start with a simple handshake; the Craftsman Sand Paper campaign encourages men to step up their game by roughing up their delicate palms in preparation.Taking a different approach to advertising handyman tools, this ad campaign shows that these products can serve additional purposes other than the obvious ones.

Conceived and created by Chicago-based ad agency Young and Rubicam, the Craftsman Sand Paper campaign urges men to "rub here to ensure a manly handshake." Doing so could help impress a girlfriend's dad and even close an important business deal. Art directed by Gabo Curielcha and copy written by Chris Jansma, the ad campaign relies on bold typography and a grainy backdrop to get the message across.