These Cover Up Tattoos Can Dissolve Body Ink Regret

 - Feb 25, 2010   Updated: Aug 16 2011
References: oddee
Cover up tattoos are a solution for those who love permanent body art but aren't in love with one particular tattoo. Whether it was a past lover or devotion to an innovative product, there's no need to spend your dough on removing it with laser surgery.

Many of these cover up tattoos demonstrate how creative you can get by having another awesome tattoo overlap that drunken mistake or that inked loyalty to another.

Implications - Contemporary culture has shifted in its perception of tattoos and other body modifications -- first they were taboo, then trendy and now they're temporary. Considering the modern classification of tattoos as art, why should one be forced to carry it around forever? Businesses that have the technology to provide potentially permanent body mods could direct us toward a future where everyone's body is a canvas.