This Couples Pillowcase Brings the Kitchen into the Bedroom

 - Dec 18, 2013
References: fancy
This couples pillowcase lets everyone know that you're the spoon to your significant others fork. Of course, spooning is a fun before-bed activity to engage in; however, it can often lead to "forking" (if you catch my drift....) The cheeky pillowcase can be a subtler way of suggesting some after-hours bedroom romping.

The pillowcase is individually screen-printed, making each one slightly differentiated and unique. More than that, this fun, utensil-inspired bedroom accessory will add a little culinary flair to your bedroom -- perfect if one or both of you know your way around the kitchen (as well as the bedroom.) This nooky-encouraging pillowcase will help two become one; in other words, a spoon and fork become a "spork."