This Country Residence Acommodates both the Natural and Urban Spheres

 - Nov 22, 2014
References: svoya-studio & contemporist
Ukraine-based SVOYA Studio designed the interior of the 'Riba House,' a modern country residence.

The brief called for a cozy, contemporary interior. The architects decided to emphasize the clients appreciation for florals and plant life. To keep things interesting, the designers contrasted the floral accents and decorations with juxtaposing elements; for instance, dark matte wood, polished marble and black gloss. The black gloss in particular interacts beautifully with the panels of moss in the kitchen, creating an engaging visual statement.

The interior concept features three columns, each featuring the izdereva design element, of concrete cased in wood. Though on the surface the materials may seem unrelated, they harmonize with one another to demonstrate an unexpected marriage between the organic and the urban.