Maty's All Natural's Cough Syrup is Organic and Kid-Friendly

 - Nov 28, 2017
References: matyshealthyproducts
While most cough syrups can be loaded with harsh medicinal ingredients that can leave users drowsy, Maty's All Naturals' offers a drug-free alternative that is 100% organically sourced. Inspired by age-old natural remedies, this cough syrup is safe for even children to consume, and gives parents piece of mind thanks to its 10 core ingredients that are proven to boost one's immune system.

These pure ingredients include antimicrobial sea salt, apple cider vinegar, which helps with acid support, and antioxidant-rich buckwheat honey among others. Perfect for relieving dry cough symptoms, this natural and honey-based cough syrup is reliable and drug-free.

Much like their growing appreciation for preservative-free food and self care products, consumers are continuing to opt for natural medicinal remedies versus ones that feature harsher chemicals.