The Coterie Stool by Daniel Duarte is Inspired by the Capitone Pillow

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: & contemporist
The Coterie Stool is a modern piece of furniture that plays off of a once popular past design: the capitone cushion. Typically taking on a circular shape with perfect pleats and a more intricately ruched perimeter, these pillows have since faded into the background in spite of their singular looks and stunning textures. The Coterie Stool hopes to bring the tradition back to life by repurposing the style for a more practical seat.

Designed by Portuguese designer Daniel Duarte, the Coterie Stool rests on a wireframe base that is made up of three triangular legs. Available in a variety of colors including blue, yellow and red, the Coterie Stool's base is complemented with a cozy grey cushion.