Cory Etzkorn for Peppermint is a Patriotic Breath-Mint Design

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: coryetzkorn
This creative packaging design by Cory Etzkorn for PepperMint is the only mint fit for the oval office. The mint claims that "It is flyer than Airforce One and Stronger than the U.S dollar." The Original PepperMint goes back to its classic roots with its revised packaging. Plus, these federal-reserve fresh mints are perfect for any patriotic person.

The package design by Cory Etzkorn for PepperMint is an example of present advertising looking back and revitalizing vintage aesthetics. The marketing campaign stresses that the PepperMint is an original of its class and its timeless patriotic design calls back to a simpler time. The bankroll mint packaging is a fun and different way to market these classic mints.