- May 28, 2008
Along the A44 highway, between Amsterdam and The Hague, sits a giant, human-shaped building. It is the home of Corpus, a tactile interactive museum experience that takes visitors through the spaces inside their own bodies.

At the museum you can experience hay fever from inside the nose, replete with a rollicking sneeze. You can don 3D glasses and watch as cartoon sperm fertilize an egg. You can bounce your way across a rubber tongue as you navigate taste buds and hear burps welling up in the deep.

The tour begins on an escalator ride through a wound in the calf. Once inside visitors experience the body's reaction to a wood splinter. After the 3D fertilization movie, guests follow a block of cheese as it makes its way down the digestive tract. Other exhibits feature the heart, lungs, mouth, and of course the brain. A beanbag game even allows visitors to try and take down bacteria before it can cause an infection.