The Corey Thomas Spinifex Stands Out Amidst Sand

 - Oct 6, 2012
References: mydarkenedeyes.tumblr & thisiscolossal
Located in the gorgeous Croajingolong National Park in Victoria, Australia, the Corey Thomas Spinifex tree branch sculpture is made entirely out of branches and other natural plant materials.

The natural elements of the sculpture, including the very long and thin gnarled wooden tree branches as well as some dried and almost translucent leaves, are what brings an eye-catching texture and earthly grace to the striking design. The area around the Spinifex sculpture is mostly made up of sand dunes that peter out onto the beach shoreline, making the Spinifex an item that stands out in contrast to these flatter surroundings. Looking like a giant spiked ball, the Spinifex adds another natural dimension to its environment of sea and sand.

Captured from any angle, there is no denying the inherent beauty of the Corey Thomas Spinifex sculpture.