'Corbel House' Features a Textured Brick Facet

 - Feb 15, 2018
References: archdaily
Architects often prioritize either the interior or the exterior of their buildings, but 'Corbel House', a newly built residence from Kamat & Rozario Architecture, employs a design that seamlessly integrates attractive aesthetics into both spheres of the home. Corbel House's most eye-catching feature is its intricate red brick facade, but that facade also contributes to a pleasant and livable environment on the inside of the home.

The exterior of the home appears to be simultaneously brutalist and maximalist. On the one hand, the simple shapes and straight lines clearly call back to the concrete style of the former, but the choice of labor-intensive material and intricate, baroque design elements is antithetical to that concept. This tension is resolved on the interior of the home, though, as the exposed brick and minimal, open concept spaces mesh harmoniously with the mid-century modern furniture that the residents chose as decor.

Image Credit: Niveditaa Gupta & Lester Rozario