This Cookie Milk is Smooth and Free of Crumbs

 - Jan 17, 2015
References: en.rocketnews24
Rather than requiring you to have cookies for snacking and milk for dipping, this unusual cookie milk from Japan provides both flavors in a drinkable form. The beverage from Fujiya’s Country Ma’am follows the popularity of its soft and chewy cookies, but offers a new way to enjoy the treat.

In partnership with convenience store Lawson, the exclusive Drinkable Country Ma’am’s flavor has been released. Although the cookie milk is labelled as 'Vanilla,' there are other sweet flavors to be found inside the bottle, such as chocolate and a sweet bean paste. With these ingredients mixed with powdered milk, the liquid has a brown caramel color that looks like it's been tinted with a golden brown cookie that's fresh out of the oven. Rather than dealing with a mess of cookie crumbs, this is a convenient way to sate your thirst and your sweet tooth at once.