Converse Rubber Tracks Offers Musicians Access to Over 28,000 Samples

The Converse Rubber Tracks sample library gives everyone, from young, aspiring musicians to amateur DJs, the opportunity to use musical samples from some of the world's top musicians. It's a collaborative effort to enrich the worldwide musical community and provide open access to valuable material for up-and-coming creators.

At its launch, the Converse Rubber Tracks library contained 11,000 musical samples, but it has since grown to over 28,000. The samples are entirely free to use forever, no strings attached. This means that there will never be royalties on any music created using the Converse Rubber Tracks samples. Converse Rubber Tracks also shapes a web-based musical community, providing a space for musicians to share the art they've created using the sample library.

At this year's Amsterdam Dance Event, Converse Rubber Tracks announced new features for the sample library, including an iPhone app to create music on the go.