Conversation Candles by Archie Grand Will Keep Your Table Talk Thriving

If you find yourself consistently straining for conversation topics at suppertime, the Conversation Candles by Archie Grand are a guaranteed way that you'll never be lost for words. This word-toting candle collection, titled 'Artists, Writers and Lovers,' is made from a soy-free blend and decoratively designed with the names of great and noteworthy artists, writers and lovers. Now your casual conversations can be steered away from mundane topics like the weather and towards more refined topics such as literary works, traditional art and classical filmography.

With 120 hours of burn time, these candles are sure to spark and sustain lengthy intellectual and thought-provoking conversations around your dining room table. Iconic names and figures like Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Taylor and many more will lovingly embellish your wax luminaries, as you and your guests chatter on. Light up the conversation and spark some debate with these Conversation Candles by Archie Grand.