Convenient Cotton is a Hassle-Free Kit for Treating Cuts

 - Jul 31, 2012
References: tuvie
The benefits of Convenient Cotton would be especially felt if you were to wound yourself while you're on your own. Going to the trouble of fiddling in your First Aid kit for cotton balls and bottles of hydrogen peroxide could be a difficult task, most significantly if the injury is anywhere on your hands or fingers.

Ruan Chengzhu, Yuan Xinwei, Chen Chao, Lin Lin and Xin Peng have thus dreamed up this concept for a Q-Tip and disinfectant combo. It reduces the number of steps one needs to take to apply a germ-killing solution to a cut, and minimizes the materials used to treat smaller scratches.

The pocket-sized case comes with a few dozen cotton swabs that have alcohol in their sticks. A squeeze to the Convenient Cotton stems fills the fiber ends with the solution. Each half serves as a single dose so the Q-Tips can be snapped in two for separate use on smaller lesions.