The Control+O Bottle Opener Still Requires Some Muscle

 - Apr 30, 2011
References: & craziestgadgets
Spend enough time on the computer and you'll start thinking in keyboard shortcuts, but even though that state of mind is likely what led to the conception of the Control+O Bottle Opener, you still sadly have to exert just as much effort as usual to pop the cap.

Nevertheless, this beer bung broacher has a cleverness that allows you to forgive its material simplicity. Made of a single piece of metal with a hole in place to unlock the seal of the lid, this novelty item is engraved with the Ctrl+O, by which the aperture is within that circular letter.

Such a command works to open a new document on your computer; now, in a less virtual and a more manual way, the Control+O Bottle Opener will grant you access to your alcoholic beverage.