The 'Vard' Construction Vessel is Designed for Efficiency

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: montaag & tuvie
Worldwide development is showing little sign of slowing down, so the 'Vard' construction vessel is designed to enable brands to develop easier offshore.

Created by Montaag Design, the 'Vard' is a conceptual vessel that would allow for sophisticated procedures to be done on-site in the water rather than on land.

As technologies like water turbines and oil rigs become more important to modern infrastructure, innovations like the 'Vard' construction vessel are designed to aid this demand.

Outfitted with a helideck, crane arm for shift cargo or components and the ability to withstand inclement weather, the 'Vard' would be overseen from the cockpit area to be as efficient as possible. Although in conceptual stages, worldwide demand for such flexible manufacturing solutions could push the vessel to be developed sooner than later.