USPS Introduced a Tech-Infused Mailbox at CES 2019

 - Jan 14, 2019
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At CES 2019, the United States Postal Service presented a prototype for the USPS connected home mailbox. This device integrates the physical mailbox into the digital ecosystem of the smart home, giving the user better visibility, intuitive control and proactive security for their mail.

The device sits in a user’s mailbox and communicates with a bridge in the home. The bridge syncs with other smart devices in the home—like home assistants, televisions, security cameras, speakers and more—to send notifications, alerts, and information.

Users can see precisely and in real-time when their mail will arrive, review their mail remotely, place a hold on mail when they go on vacation or when the mailbox is full, monitor delivered mail and packages while away, keep tabs on important mail and set up specific alerts for when they arrive, and customize the mailbox’s communication so that alerts arrive on the devices that are on hand at any time.

The support of the USPS gives the user the power to tailor their personal experience of sending, receiving, and anticipating mail.