This Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Has Been Turned into a Chic Conference Table

 - Aug 19, 2014
MotoArt recently found a way to upcycle an unused Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet by turning repurposing the parts to create a fully functional conference table. The modern and industrial look of this circular conference table makes it perfect for contemporary office spaces.

MotoArt is a California-based furniture company that is known for reusing old parts from planes and turning them into functional furniture pieces. This 12-foot sizable conference table is great for spacious offices looking to accommodate a large number of people with environmentally friendly decor pieces. This conference table is made from the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet's engine that is used as the legs of the table. On top of the red and silver engine is a wide, circular glass sheet that guests can sit around and use as a table while looking at the plane's engine.