This Tool Allows Helps Users Hold Remote Conference Meetings

 - Dec 15, 2015
References: & gotomeeting
'GoToMeeting' is a video conferencing tool that allows users to hold remote conference meetings. For many professions, it can be difficult to be physically present for each and every meeting. This tool helps users arrange meetings at any time, regardless of whether everyone is able to attend.

GoToMeeting is a user-friendly platform that can be used to arrange remote conference meetings. Meetings can be scheduled at any time and arranged for any location. Each user can then launch the meeting from Microsoft office, email or instant-messaging tools. GoToMeeting can be used on any device, meaning users can broadcast a meeting from their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The technology is also compatible with Mac, PC, Chromebook and Linux, which makes it ideal for offices with different technology in use.

The technology ultimately provides a way for employees to hold and attend meetings, even when they cannot be physically present.