Condom-Concealing Cases Cover More than Just Your Smartphone

 - Apr 18, 2011
References: yankodesign
What do phones and sex both have in common? They both require protection!

This cunning protective phone case has you covered in both situations.  Chris Holder is the proud designer of the ingenious product, dubbing it the justinCase.The case itself is sleek, slim and stylish, sporting a classy faux-leather finish. It slides onto an iPhone perfectly, protecting its screen from scratches and general damage. Its real perk, however lies beneath the surface. The case contains a hidden compartment that is invisible to the outside eye and just large enough for a single condom. The colour of the condoms and the case are both customizable.

Transform your iPhone into an iBone with this clever contraceptive-concealing case. You should keep it handy -- you know, justinCase.