A Concussion Diagnosis Made Easy Through A Tool That Analyzes Voices

 - Apr 14, 2013
References: news.nd.edu & ideaconnection
If you've ever played competitive sports, you know how uncomfortable it can be when someone throws a ball at your head, and if you're looking for a way to have a concussion diagnosis made easy then this new tablet application is sure to spark your interest.

While concussions have often been written off as being relatively harmless, in recent years doctors have discovered that even slight concussions can have damaging impacts, including depression, loss of memory and loss of cognitive function.

It's difficult to diagnose the severity of a concussion immediately after an injury, but luckily Notre Dame has developed a new tool that can diagnose concussions in real time simply by analyzing the voice of the speaker. The subject simply speaks into an iPad application, and the tool tests for distorted vowels, hyper nasality and imprecise consonants.

Notre Dame's creative invention means that athletes can receive treatment immediately after an injury, minimizing the long-term effects brought on by what is often only a small blow to the head.