This Swiss Alps Home Blends Cozy and Industrial Details

 - Feb 12, 2016
This concrete cottage is an elegant home located just steps away from the Swiss Alps. The mountainside cabin is unlike traditional country homes and replaces raw wood materials with concrete cladding and interior finishes. Designed by Georg Nickish and Selina Walder, this renovated cottage retains its original structure but reveals new spaces underneath it.

Despite of its industrial materials, this home is surprisingly cozy, featuring dynamic views of its surrounding, snowy landscape. While the home's bathrooms boast a contemporary aesthetic that is equipped with raw and layered concrete finishes, its living area and bedrooms are made cozy with organic cotton linens, wool carpeting and fur upholstery.

Whether on ground level or below it, this home's residents can enjoy a cozy home that stays warm during winter and cooler during warmer months.