The Blaibach Auditorium Has a Granite Exterior that is Half Below Water

 - Jan 15, 2016
References: peterhaimerl & yatzer
The auditorium located in Blaibach, Germany has innovative design put together by Peter Haimerl that creatively submerges half of the building's granite exterior. The design is in lieu to the mountainous surroundings making use of the uneven plain in an architecturally stimulating way.

The concert hall is located on a heavily inclined surface that might be seen as difficult for building on, but actually serves the design well as the upwards slope is used to naturally lead visitors into the space's foyer. The foyer then leads into a 200-person auditorium space made from recycled materials such as glass and concrete. The materials cleverly absorb. Since the concert hall is half submerged, this also helps reduce the sound from inside the space travelling outside.