Jenny Brown's Illustrations are Colorful and Abstract

 - May 23, 2012
References: trendland & jennybrownart
Inspired by the works of Philip Guston’s and Mary Delany, Jenny Brown's artwork is abstract and deep. The beauty of her pieces is that it appears as though she simply sketched floral prints, however upon close examination, your eyes perceive a different form.

Her first two drawings appear as if she has sketched an Octopus that is floating under water. The beauty of her artwork is that the eye will make what it wants of it. Her choice of soft pastel colors really gives off a soothing tone to her work.

Jenny Brown's Illustrations are conceptual flower pieces that are visually appealing. Floral-based prints tend to never go out of style, and these contemporary pieces are sure to add flair to any abode or work space.