Conceptual Artist Nate Hallinan Draws Childish Comic Book Characters

 - Nov 17, 2011
References: natehallinan & natehallinan
Superheroes are always being updated, trying to stay relevant with the times, and conceptual artist Nate Hallinan is continuing that pattern. However, he is not turning superheroes into brooding characters that represent their archetype. In fact, he is doing the complete opposite.

With superhero films dominating the box office in recent years, conceptual artist Nate Hallinan decided to tackle the comic book genre from a different angle. Instead of revamping characters to fit a modern mold, Hallinan is turning back the clock to their infant years. With a variety of heroes and villains getting a pre-adolescent makeover, Hallinan strips these characters of their assumed archetypes. Playing on themes of infancy and childhood behavior, Hallinan exposes a side you wouldn't assume existed. For instance, The Hulk doesn't look very intimidating due to the fact he cannot pop a balloon with his bare hands.